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A GOOD MORNING OF CATFISHING There was a pleasant breeze on the
river as I headed my boat to the first fishing spot of the day. I
got my lines in the water at 07:15 in hole that was 40 feet deep.
No action in 20 minutes so I moved down river to my favorite spot
so far this season. I put the poles out at 07:40. At 07:50 got a
good solid bite on my skipjack bait. I picked up my rod as the
fish tightened up the line, hooked him good. It took a little
time to get the nice blue cat to the boat. He was 24 inches long
and weighed 6 pounds.

The next bite came at 08:10 as my rod started to bounce in the
rod holder. The moment I pulled back I realize he was a big fish
by the amount of pressure he exerted on the line. He just did not
want to come up off the bottom. Every time I made some progress
of a few yard he turn and head back down. I knew I had a strong
rod and 30 pound test line , I was just going to wait him out.
Sure enough after a gallant fight he surfaced. I was thrilled to
see this big Flathead at last. He was the 2nd largest Flathead
cat I had caught. This guy was 33 inches and the digital scale
said 17.4 pounds. That is a nice flathead by Cincinnati
standards. He was so long I was not able to hold him and get a
good photo of him. Once the picture was taken, he was return to
give another person the same thrill I enjoyed.

Then at 08:30 same poleís clicker alerted me of a bite. I had to
wait on this guy to finally tighten up the line before could I
set the hook. This one was a nice fish but not as big as the
flathead. When I got him to the boat, he was a nice Channel cat.
As I was measuring him out in the boat, my other rodís clicker
sounded off! I set the hook and knew this was a small fish. I did
not even need the dip net for this channel cat. I then finished
measuring the larger one, he was 6.5 pound and also 24 inches.
The small fry was only 18 inches and 2.5 pounds.

I checked out 3 other spots the rest of the morning and had only
2 other small bites. The Ohio River is exceptionally clear at
this time, with a slight current. The temperature was in the mid
70ís by the time I headed home.

4 catfish with a total weight of over 40 pounds in under 5 hours
ranks as one of my better trips on the Ohio River. Tight lines to

nlcatfish@fuse.net webmaster for Cincinnati Catfishing
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About the Author

Have been catfishing around the Downtown Cincinnati area of the Ohio River for over 40 years. Gone catfishing at Lockport Manitoba 5 times over the past 10 years. It is the greastest place to catch lots of huge CHANNEL catsfish in North America!!
For the past 6 years have passed catfishing information for the Cincinnati part of the Ohio River on my web site "CINCINNATI CATFISHING".

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