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Fly Fishing For Fun!
Fly fishing is very different than fishing with a lure or worm type baits. The fly fisherman uses a artificial fly consisting of bites of feathers, foam, hide, fur, yarn, and other materials to be tried on to a hook that make it appealing to the...

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas - Christmas Presents
Coming up with fly fishing gift ideas is a surprisingly simple task. Here are a few fly fishing gift ideas that will make great Christmas presents. Fly Fishing Gift Ideas Fly fishing is much more than just a rod, fly, water and...

Advantages And Disadvantages of Fly Fishing From A Canoe


Some people like to fly fish from their canoe. But there are advantages and disadvantages to this unusual combinations of activities.

People usually fly fish from land, standing still in water or from a larger boat. Fly fishing from a canoe may seem crazy at first, but there are many advantages to be had. There are also disadvantages, but after you overcome them, you are sure to have a wonderful fishing adventure.


You will have to overcome some disadvantages before you even try to fly fish from a canoe. You might find it hard in the beginning to maintain control of your line since you are closer to the water than usual. If you catch a fish, you might find it difficult to reel in without tipping the canoe. Especially if it is a giant fish! Another disadvantage might be the tendency of the canoe to disturb the water. If you can stay motionless and are accustomed to the boat then disturbing the water will not be a problem. When you get over these few disadvantages, you will experience the best fishing ever!


The advantages of fly fishing in a canoe are significant if you can overcome the disadvantages listed above. Being in a canoe lets the fisher go over more water quickly. This is essential for good fly fishing. You can also get into untapped fishing holes that otherwise they would not have been able to reach. Such locations usually do not allow motor boats, so a canoe is excellent! Another advantage is the silence. They do not have loud motors or propellers, only smooth, quiet rowing. This is an essential factor for fly fishers!

If you have a canoe, you are ready to try fly fishing. It is helpful for you to own the shortest canoe you can get. A shorter boat will make fly fishing a lot easier. Try it sometime. It is relaxing and fun.

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