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Grunion Runs - Fishing With Your Hands In San Diego
Fishing is peaceful and inspiring sport regardless of the type of fishing your doing. Well, with one exception - grunion runs. El Grunionino Throughout the year, the fish known as the grunion run in San Diego and much of California....

Fishing For Leads - The 5 Steps
If you have a new experience everyday, you will lead a fulfilling life. I had one during my summer holidays, when I went out fishing for mackerel. After the trip, I had an epiphany - I felt I was now able to explain easily, in 5 steps, how small...

All about fishing boat charters


There are many great reasons you may want to book a boat charter ranging from pleasure boat cruising to an excellent fishing charter to your favorite fishing destination. This brief article will give you some excellent tips and recommendations on doing your homework prior to hiring a fishing charter. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your new captain is licensed for charter fishing. If you are chartering from a large marina, you will find that the marina requires their captains to meet certain qualifications before they will allow them to run a boat for their fleet. Even if you are fishing a lake where a coast guard license may not be required, it is good to find a captain that is qualified. Obviously, for safety reasons, a trained, experienced captain will give you peace of mind. When selecting the right charter company, make sure you contact the local tourism authority as they are an excellent source of good charter operators.

Remember that captains and mates will not share all of their secrets about their charter, but remember that you are paying for the trip so ask questions about the best season, tackle and more. You will be glad you did. You will find that it is best to take your own gear on fishing boat charters. For the most part, the gear is used heavily on a charter boat and you may have grown accustomed to your own gear instead. Most captains are amenable to the idea.

One very important thing to remember before you your fishing charter is to get LOTS OF REST the night before. Stay away from fried foods the night before and eat a light dinner, because a day's fishing on the water is going to take a lot out of you. Be sure you take along a carbonated beverage or a beer to help with a churning stomach as seasickness medicine can vary in effectiveness. Another good tip is to let the marina personnel clean your fish for you, as it will avoid delays for everyone. Finally, take lots of sunscreen lotion along and a camera to capture the action-packed day on film. It is a good idea to read more about this awesome hobby and learn more about it before you head out onto the sea or lake. Have fun, and enjoy this excellent time on the water!

Terry Price is a regular author to- http://www.inflatable-boats-kayak-supplies.com/Boat-charter.html where you can learn more about boat charters.

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