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Ontario Fishing Trips
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An Answer for Saltwater Fishing - a GPS Fishfinder that Works, At Last


Finding a fishfinder for use in harsh saltwater can be difficult. Could the Eagle SeaChamp be an answer at last? Find out in our review.

The Eagle Sea Champ 2000C is a great tool for any fisherman from the beginner to the professional. It allows for many features that can easily help you be more successful on the water. You'll find that it has a great selection of features to use as well. Here, we'll talk about some of the 2000C's features that we think help it to stand out as an excellent fish finding tool.

The Sea Champ 2000's display is probably the first feature you will notice. It is a large seven inches which gives you the quality size display that you need to see those details this Eagle fish finder provides. It is ultra bright so as to be visable in any type of environment (nothing worse than having equipment you can't use because the sun is too bright!) It is a full VGA, 256 color matrix LCD and it is in high definition 480V by 640H resolution. It features a backlight so that you can fish in the dark as well as the sun (great for those early mornings or evening trips!) This all translates into a great quality screen that is clear, crisp and easy to use. You'll benefit from the size and the clarity of this screen as it will allow you to see clearly what's happening below.

Other features that make the 2000C DF so great include its ability to record. This is a great tool for any fishing trip as it will allow you to play back details to give you more of a look at your objects.

But, what we really have to mention is the sonar on this fish finder. It has a depth capability of 1500 feet! The Seachamp technology separates fish from nearby structure and bottom and to show underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols. This high performance dual frequency transducer is simple awesome. It gives you the depth you need to see what's happening far below your boat. And, it offers this reliability as you race over the waves at up to 70 miles an hour. This fish finder will allow for the most sensitive of fish finding.

Anyone who is looking for highly usable tools to locate their fish simply needs to check out this one! Highly recommended as a tool for the hard-to-please saltwater fisherman.
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