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Small Stream Fly Fishing
Small Stream Fly Fishing I believe there are more fish lost before an angler makes his first cast than at any other time when fly fishing the small stream. Picture this; you've spent some time hiking into a small stream in the back country. It's...

About Buying Fly Fishing Flies Online
By Steve Clark www.totalflyfishing.com For many fly-fisherman, fly-tying is a serious hobby. Given that tying your own flies provides so much satisfaction, why buy flies online? For many fly-fisherman, fly-tying is a serious hobby. Not...

Fishing for a New Aquarium?


According to one source, more than 60 million people around the world keep aquariums for fun or profit. These can range from a small glass desktop model to a multi-ton commercial design that is part of a museum or water park tour. Most homeowners, however, are looking for a conveniently sized aquarium that will mesh with their lifestyle without causing much extra work or expense. Here are some things to keep in mind when you shop for a home or office aquarium.

1. How much space do you have? The size of aquarium you decide to purchase will be based on the amount of area you can afford to designate to this area. You might have just enough space on a bookshelf for a glass or heavy plastic globe that can be easily cleaned and managed. Or you might want to fill in space behind an office wall with a room-size aquarium. There are table models and stand-alone designs that can fit into a corner or become the center of attention in any room. Keep in mind that along with space considerations, you will need to allocate resources to clean and care for your new aquarium.

2. How much time can you spare? If you love pets and don't mind caring for your fish, the bigger, the better might be your motto for choosing an aquarium. But if you want a fish tank that can pretty much take care of itself except for those routine cleanings on a weekly or monthly basis, you want may want scale down your plan to purchase a fish bowl that is easy to manage. Keep in mind that you also will need to purchase cleaning supplies and restocking items as part of an ongoing care program for your aquarium.

3. How much does an aquarium mean to you? Do you want to set up an attractive display to incite casual interest, or do you plan to spend time each day watching your fish and other aquarium creatures as a means of enjoyment or relaxation? If the former, choose a basic set-up that will not be difficult to manage. But if the latter, you may want to add colorful sand, shells, pebbles, and plants to make your ecosystem attractive and functional. Your aquarium can become a creative endeavor when you have the time to spend with it.

4. How much help will you get? If you are the main person who will be responsible for checking, cleaning, and maintaining the aquarium, give some thought to your schedule, your priorities, and your reason for having an aquarium. If it will not play much of a role in your daily routine, don't spend a lot of money for a system that you may not have the means to enjoy.

A fish tank can add pleasure and beauty to your surroundings. Remember that fish and other aquarium creatures need special attention to keep them healthy and thriving. Size your aquarium system accordingly.
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