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Ready to Go Fishing?
Fishing is as old as human life, and a necessity for its survival in some regions. Fish are as plentiful as any other biological forms, and very interesting to eat as well as catch and study. From the skillet to the aquarium, a fish can make...

Fishing - The Right Pole For The Job
Fishing Pole Fishing is about being with nature and for those who have been doing it for a very long time; it takes more than just a simple fishing rod and bait. For others though who want to try it and perhaps do it more often, investing...

Fishing with Strike Indicators


Used properly Strike Indicators lead to more fish being caught. Used improperly they can actually hamper the fly fisher's ability to catch fish. How can one tell if their strike indicator is helping them or hurting them? Well that is the question we will try to answer here.

I was introduced to strike indicators about 15 years ago. A friend of mine had been fishing on guided trips in Montana, and came back with them, raving about them. Of course not wanting to be on the outside of the latest edge in fly fishing, I had to try them. I hated them. They interfered with my casting, they did kept my nymph off the bottomw, and everytime I wanted to switch over to dry flies, I had to take off the strike indicator. Further I had 'set the hook' on several false indications.

It wasn't until several months later, while fishing a deep swift riffle, that the indicator really paid off. And I mean really paid off. Fishing at about a depth of six feet, in water faster then I would care to wade in today, the indicator would literally stop in mid-drift. Doubtful I would set the hook, after a few large trout, my doubts disappeared and I loved that little orange float on my leader. These strike were virtually undetecteable without it, the water so fast, and deep, by the time I felt the tug the fish would probably be gone.

From then on everytime I nymphed, I used an indicator. Until one early spring on a drift trip, I was quickly falling behind my indicatorless fishing partner. All his hook-ups were on the very bottom, he said. And I reasoned my indicator was keeping me off the bottom. I dropped the indicator, and voila, I began catching fish on the bottom. I am sure I was missing some strikes as well, but missing some strikes was better than none at all.

Putting it All together

To use or not to use an indicator, that is the question. Or when to use it, and when not to. There are other times when I prefer not to use an indicator while using sub-surface flies. One is in very crystal clear water, when stealth is of utmost importance. I don't use one when fishing emergers either, their strikes are almost as easy to detect as dry fly fishing. And as mentioned above while trying to hook up on the bottom they can interfere. Although there are ways around that problem. One is to use Palsa Strike Indicators. When using weight or flies treated with Xink, the Palsa will go sub-surface, you can still see it, depending on water visibility. And it will still work. You can also adjust the depth of leader below your indicator. If you are fishing depths around six or seven feet, make sure you have that much leader below the indicator. I rarel have my indicator more than two feet below the fly line anyway.

About the Author

Cameron Larsen is a retired commericial fly tier and fly fishing guide. He now operates The Big Y Fly Company. http://www.bigyflyco.com/flyfishinghome.html He can be reached at info@bigyflyco.com. This article will appear in the Big Y Fly Fishing E-Zine at Http://www.bigyflyco.com/Bigyflyfishingezine.html

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