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Fly Fishing Gift Ideas - Christmas Presents

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Coming up with fly fishing gift ideas is a surprisingly simple task. Here are a few fly fishing gift ideas that will make great Christmas presents.

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas

Fly fishing is much more than just a rod, fly, water and fish. Don't scoff. This is true and gives you plenty of fly fishing gift ideas for Christmas presents.

1. Wading Staff - Picture it in your mind. A clear, green river flowing through majestic trees. The sun filtering through the leaves of the shadowy banks. A fly fisherman wading out into the stream...slipping and falling on his butt in the water. Ahhh, it was going so well! A Fly Fishing Wading Staff can keep derrieres dry by giving you something to support yourself while walking across wet rocks and slimy things in the deep. Typical staffs retract into a shorter stub for easy packing. Expect to pay between $40 and $60 for something of solid construction. A great fly fishing gift.

2. Quick Seine Nets - Ask a fly fisher about how to pick the best fly for a location and you'll get a lecture on nymphs. By nymphs, I mean the insects, not the randy historical figures. With fly fishing, insects tell the story on rivers. The Quick Seine Nets are tailored to help fisherman quickly and easily analyze the insect population at a fishing spot. The nets act like a sieve in the water and let you scoop up the local insect population. The size of a racquetball racket, you can free hand them or attach them to your fish nets. Quick Seine Nets come in a few sizes, but cost no more than $25. Just plug the name into a search engine to see the selection.

3. The Trout King - This book is the equivalent of the Shootout at the O.K. Corral for fly fishing enthusiasts. The story revolves around a fly fishing tournament in an out of the way location. The undefeated local angler goes against an out of town visitor. Both hate to lose. The friendly competition turns serious and the pages just start flipping buy. You can buy it online at any bookstore for $15 or so.

4. Nomad Fly Fishing Journals - A little self-promotion here. Nomad Fly Fishing Journals are compact writing journals that let anglers keep notes on their efforts. They can note the fishing conditions, which flies worked the best, who the fished with and notes on what they should do differently next time. You can click the link at the bottom of this article to see the journals and expect to pay $25 for the journal and waterproof case.

Frankly, it is pretty hard to go wrong when buying fly fishing gifts. Any of the above fly fishing gift ideas will make great Christmas presents.

About the author:

Rick Chapo is with http://www.nomadjournals.com/flyfishing.cfm - makers of fly fishing journals. Fly fishing journals are great fly fishing gifts for anglers and fly fishing trips and vacations. Visit http://www.nomadjournaltrips.com for more fly fishing articles and stories.


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