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Fly Fishing On The Green River - Paradise Lost

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Fly fishing is all about finding a great location, preferably in the middle of a hatch. The Green River in Utah was one such place, but is it still?

The Secret Is Out

No less than five years ago, it seemed like you head to the Green River and see few others along your little stretch of paradise. These days, it seems like a freeway.

The Green River starts at Flaming Gorge in the far Northeast of Utah. It then winds down through the Dinosaur National Monument area before passing through the deserts of central Utah and eventually flows into the Colorado River. The best fishing is around Flaming Gorge where the scenery and water make for a great trip.

Perhaps it is just me, but this area of the river must have been highlighted in more than a few magazines. There are all manner of people on the river and jet skis aren't unheard of. Admittedly, there has always been white water rafting groups in sections, but nothing like this. Kayakers and so on seem to be flourishing like mad. If there had been a few more boats on the river, you would've needed a traffic cop!

Now don't get me wrong. The river is for everyone. It is just a bummer when a little known spot becomes a hot spot. Sort of a case of paradise lost.

While the river is certainly more busy, the fish still seem to be biting. Browns and Rainbows are the catch of the day.

Perhaps I was just there on a bad day. The Green River is so nice that even a bad day is still a good day. What the heck, I could've been working!

About the author:

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