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Great Places To Go Fishing In Texas


If you like fishing you will like the different fish you can catch in Texas. Cutthroat, rainbow trout, lake trout and brown trout can be caught in different locations in Texas

The brown trout are considered the be the hardest to catch. There survival is attached to pure cold water. This trout is very sensitive to water temperature changes. If the water temperature goes up by a few degrees the trout will die off, or move to a different location.

The rainbow trout are not affected as much by the water temperature changes should the water clarity get bad due to silt the fish will move out to the mouths of any stream with clear water This pink fleshy trout is the favorite with trout fishermen.

It feeds on small flies but can be tempted to strike small lures and other baits. This fish will remain in the shallow water till it reaches about 9 inches then it will head out to the lakes or ocean.

Once the trout have fattened up it will return to the streams from which they came. The fish are now called Steel head trout. If fishing for the Steel head trout you would use spoons rather than baits or flies. Use the current to you advantage and cast up stream and reel in at you regular speed being careful not to snag up as you reel in.

You will find brook trout in clear clean water Their food source is small insects and mollusks. Sometimes they will take smaller fish or flies. You can get them to hit on a small lure if it is presented along the edge of the faster slowing water. You will find brook trout on the gravel beds of fast flowing water.

They like waterfalls and large pools of water with a fast current on the out side of the pool. The fish tend to hang around between the current and the calmer water. If you find along a long the banks with fast flowing water and a deep pool you will find trout here.

The Crappie fish is a member of the sunfish family. Depending where they are found will depend on their names. Paper mouth , goggleye, bridge perch and speckled perch just to mention a few.

The black crappie is darker species and has 7 to 8 dorsal spines you will also find some with spotted sides. Normally they will be found in deeper water in the northern states.

The white crappie has 6 dorsal spines and is light in color. There are eight or nine vertical bands found on its sides. Normally they can grow over the five pound mark. Crappie are school fish that like quite waters. You can catch them by still fishing casting , trolling, or drift fishing.

Use live baits or a jig or a small crappie lure would be the best. If you find cover such as brush, stumps, in the area you are fishing. The best time to fish is at sunset for they will be on the surface.

As the sun rises and the rays strikes the surface of the water the fish will normally dive down to 5 to 10 ft mark. Depending on the clarity of the water which will also determine the depth they dive to. Normally they will return to the deeper water after sun set.

With all the different types of fish in Texas and along the coast of Texas you will find that you can spend as much of your time catch different fish from trout to crappie. Every stream pond lake or shore line can be a spot to catch many different fish.

If you do not fish while in Texas you will be missing out on a experience that will be hard to beat any where else. Most locals will tell you what is hot and which baits to use. You will be able to rent the gear if you do not have any with you from the local tackel shop.

About the author:

Sammy Salmon has been having fun fishing for years and wants to share all his knowledge with you so be sure to visit him at Fishing-For-Fun Copyright Bob Matsen, All Rights Reserved - You may republish this article with an active link to our site

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