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Hawaii Sport Fishing

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If you're coming to experience Hawaii sport fishing, you
have one heck of an adventure awaiting you! Anglers from all
over the world journey to these deep blues waters teeming
with trophy fish. This is where you come to get the big
ones. In fact the biggest fish ever caught on rod and reel
was a blue marlin caught just off Oahu, weighing in at a
hefty 1805 lbs.! Hawaii is so legendary among sport fishing
enthusiasts that several "big-game" tournaments are held
here every year, including the granddaddy of them all, the
Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, luring fishermen
from all over the globe.

Hawaii sport fishing is the home of big-game fish. Some of
the species you'll encounter here are three types of marlin;
blue, black and striped. It's entirely possible to hook
yourself a "grander", meaning a monster fish weighing at
least 1000 lbs.! Other top game fish include Ahi (Yellowfin
Tuna), Ono (Wahoo), Mahimahi (Dolphin fish), and Skipjack
Tuna. All of these babies can give you a reel-spinning run
for your money, and an experience you'll not soon forget! In
fact the tuna are among the fiercest, most tireless fighters
of the bunch! Only the striped marlin is a sometimes
resident, showing up only in winter. All of the others can
be found year-round. Some of the best fishing spots you'll
want to try would include Kona; long regarded as the best
big-game fishing in the world. Oahu's North Shore is more
famous for it's surfing, but it's just under the surface
here where the real action begins! Actually, there's pretty
much not a bad place for Hawaii sport fishing: some are just
more excellent than others!

Booking your Hawaii sport fishing adventure is easy. There
are literally hundreds of charter fishing boats operating
here, offering you a ton of choices. Some things to keep in
mind would be to consider how long you'll want to be out.
Most offer half or full day trips, but also know that of you
want the best chance at hooking a big-game fish, a longer
trip may be called for to give yourself time to get to the
best fishing grounds and keep your line in the water awhile.
No experience or fishing license is required, and should you
hook a trophy fish, taxidermy can be arranged. Come and
experience Hawaii sport fishing and come home with a little
something for that bare wall!

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Keith Thompson is the webmaster at href="http://www.hawaii-vacation-directory.com">Hawaii
Vacation Directory, a top resource for your Hawaiian
holiday adventure!


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