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Bass Fishing Facts And More
Bass fishing has a fascinating history. It started in the late 18th century and continues to progress until today. It probably was originally practiced in search for food among the people in the south of the United States. Since then, it...

Fishing In Jamaica
Fishing in Jamaica is part of a dream vacation for many. There are many excellent fishing spots, as is evidenced by Jamaica’s international popularity as a fishing destination and tournament site. Deep-sea fishing trips are easily chartered, as are...

The Fishing Equipment You Definitely Need


So, you are done packing all the fishing gear for the trip? Are you sure? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, there are some items that should be on your list. Here are the bare essentials:

- The rod - Of course you need a fishing rod. But, what type of rod will you take? When choosing one, here is some advice. Don't head to the discount department store to purchase yours. Instead, go for a middle of the line priced rod that is comfortable, the right length and serves your purpose. If you plan to fly fish, get the right rod. - The reel - Yes, you need the right reel to match. Can you buy them together? Sure. If you are saltwater fishing, you need a protected reel that will not become ruined by the water. Again, as a beginner, middle of the road quality is needed. - The lure - These should be geared towards the type of fish you are expecting to catch. Live bait is a great choice if you don't mind getting it. The best way to know which lures to use, though, in the artificial options is to ask those at the local fish shop what they have had luck with. Depending on the type of fish and the area in which they live, these individuals can help you determine what to purchase. - The line - You have to have quality line. Nothing is worse than catching a fish and then snapping the line because it couldn't hold the weight. But, that doesn't imply that you have to go with the most expensive one. Look for the right weight of line for your approximate weight of fish. - The cooler - The first hour won't be that bad. But if you are going to stay out for several hours you will definitely need this one. Have the cooler ready with your choice of beverages.

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Mike Singh is the publisher of http://www.1-stop-fishing.c om/ On his website, he provides articles about alask a guided fishing trips and rainbo w trout fishing canada.

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