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The Major Benefit Of Night Fishing


Number One Benefit to Night Fishing

I think the best thing about night fishing is that the conditions are generally the same as day fishing, but the results are much better.

Of course one reason that you will get better results is that the nighttime is the perfect opportunity to use the Evening Secret. This technology is based on science and will bring fish to your spot in swarms. (http://www.eveningsecretfishing.com/specialsecret/benefit.php)

If you find a good spot where the fish are really hitting during the day, you can go to that same spot at night and get even better results!

The fish seem to hit harder at night as well, so it is almost easier to hook them at night than it is during the day, even though it is harder to see the line.

Places where you get a few nibbles during the day will often lead to many catches at night in the same spot.

Night fishing can make a bad daytime fisherman look good.

I always like to keep track of the lures that work at certain fishing spots during the day, and then try the exact same thing at night. Try it next time you are out. You'll be amazed at the difference a simple variable (time of day) has on your results.

Here is a simple way to keep track.

One a piece of paper, write four column headings:

Place Lure Used Number Catches Size of Fish
----- --------- -------------- ------------

Then, write down your results from your day time fishing below the columns on your paper.
After you try a few difference spots with a few different lures, do the exact same thing you did during the day at night this time.

About the Author

Daniel Eggertsen is a long time fishermen, as well as President and Founder of Evening Secret Fishing (http://www.eveningsecretfishing.com/specialsecret/benefit.php)

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